Frequently Asked Questions


What is the ordering process?

1. Please fill out the short order inquiry form on the CUSTOM ORDERS tab at the top of the page. 2. A custom price estimate will then be sent to you within 3-5 business days with options for you to review. 3. Once you have decided what you want, you can respond by email to the estimate received and let me know your choices. 4. I will then prepare a proposal for you including your cookie choices. The proposal also has pickup/delivery info and includes the 50% down payment. 5. Once the 50% down payment is paid, your date is reserved. If you do not pay it within 24 hours of receiving it, you date will not be set. No orders are reserved until the down payment has been paid. 6. Remainder of your bill is due at least 24 hours prior to the pickup/delivery date. 7. I will contact you to confirm a pickup time on your chosen date. 8. Pickup your order or make arrangements for delivery.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

The earlier, the better! Royal icing sugar cookies are VERY time intensive and I usually get booked up 3-4 weeks in advance, sometimes longer. I can only handle about 3-4 orders per week - sometimes less around the holidays when I offer flash sales!


Where do I go to pick up my order?

I usually meet at a Holiday Inn Express in Bonifay for pickup unless there is another location that you prefer. Please make sure to let me know of your desired location as soon as you can to avoid a delayed waiting time.

Do you have a physical storefront?

At this time, no. I operate as a legal and insured Cottage Food Business in Florida. As a Cottage Food Business, I am allowed to bake out of my home kitchen.

Do you offer shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not offer shipping at this time. All orders MUST be local. After you pick them up, you can of course ship them. Or have a friend pick them up for you and ship!


Do you have a deposit or down payment for custom orders?

Yes. We require a 50% down payment on all custom orders with a balance due 24 hours prior to delivery/pickup date. Larger orders require full amount paid 2 weeks prior to delivery/pickup date.

About Us

How did you come to choose Sassy 'N Sweet Cupcakes for your business name?

It had to be a name that would appeal to people, something that would “stand out” and not be lost among the tons of other cupcake or sweet treat businesses. It also had to reflect, what type of shop this is, and give the public a small hint that this little cupcake shop wasn’t ordinary. As far as reflecting personality, as the saying goes ”Little Girls are Sugar and Spice and everything nice”? In my case as a child, I was full of spice, or as my Gramma used to say, “full of Sass” and never everything nice. She was Sassy and she knew it, and her friends can vouch for it, saying that she is sweet - at times - to which I've replied, "I think they have lost thier minds!"

Why did you choose a “moose and a squirrel” for your logo?

Choosing a “moose and squirrel” for my logo and my “mascots” wasn’t hard. As a child I loved the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon, and I could have easily chosen a Coyote and Roadrunner or Bugs and Daffy, since they were also favorite Saturday morning cartoons of mine, but they just didn’t seem to fit. If you look closely at Moose and Squirrel you’ll notice that the Moose has blue eyes and the squirrel has green eyes. My dad and brother both had blue eyes and were tall and, yes, they were full of “The Sass”. Some would say that a Moose (Bullwinkle) isn’t “sassy” but I beg to differ. In my opinion he was. My Mother had green eyes and was just a wee bit “squirrely” in the regard she was somewhat excitable, but she was also level headed like “Rocky the Squirrel”. “Moose & Squirrel is my way of paying tribute and homage to my family. Each time I look at my logo I’m reminded of much loved and cherished memories, the morals and values that I was taught, the hours of jokes, laughter, giggles and traditions, and the lessons I learned from my family. Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time, sometimes you need to balance it out with a little bit of whimsy and laughter.


What flavors of cookies do you offer?

My main flavor is Vanilla/Lemon however, I can do Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Lemon and fruit flavors like Strawberry and Blueberry plus I can do a variety of seasonal flavors (upon availablility).


2336 Pineview Drive

Bonifay, Florida 32425


Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm

​​Sat: 10am - 6pm



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