Sassy 'N Sweet


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Sassy 'N Sweet Cupcakes

2336 Pineview Drive

Bonifay, Florida 32425


(850) 614-1151


Nanette Biddle


“Life is like a cupcake. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s savory, and other times it’s nothing special. But most of the time it’s a special surprise that you can’t wait to try again. Embrace all that life has to offer and make it the best life you can. Be Bold, Be Sassy, with a little Sweet thrown into the mix.”

Sassy 'N' Sweet Cupcakes is located in the small town of Bonifay, in the center of the Florida Panhandle, just off of Interstate 10.


Most of our craft show dates can be found on our Events page, however we welcome you to contact us with comments or questions concerning delivery, pricing, or any other information.


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